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The key to success is to automate by effectively connecting people, processes and technology

Clonika is an intelligent automation platform that uses the latest technological trends (such as RPA, virtual agents, natural language processing and Business and Process Management) to increase the capacity and efficiency of people and company processes, so that they can anticipate the challenges of the future by connecting corporate strategy and operations transformation.

Clonika maximises the value of people, processes and technology and aligns them by placing them where they provide greatest value for achieving the company’s goals.

What’s even better is it saves time and expense while increasing quality.

A smart, modular automation solution that maximizes your business goals

NTT DATA’s experience in helping organisations in many sectors in their automation processes has led us to understand that robotisation and the use of RPA technologies cannot solve all the tasks and activities involved in most business processes. This is why we developed the Clonika platform, creating an operations-focused methodology in which digital automation enhances people’s value by optimising the correct strategic balance of the organization with the Cost-Time-Quality variables.

Adaptable to your organization

We analyse and rework the business and operations areas processes. When we automate repetitive processes we focus on people, maximizing their experience and making it easier for them to adopt the new technology.

Intelligent automation

Clonika integrates module by module the latest technologies such as RPA, virtual agents, natural language processing, or BPM, transforming your organization End2End.

Better experience

Client and employee satisfaction increases from the outset, and you have all the security of contingency and continuity plans for critical processes in place.

Modular and scalable

Modular “building block” platform capable of progressively integrating with legacy and new applications.

Optimal results

Exceptional time and cost savings and increased operations quality.

Minimum time to market

We implement and commission the platform in a SaaS model, with no investment in infrastructure and with total independence. Every client has its own tenant with encrypted databases

Clonika in figures

Over 50 clients across the globe have optimized their automation strategies with Clonika.